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Dental Sealants in Nanaimo

Dental Sealants Near You

If you’re a parent, you may have heard of dental sealants as a great option to improve your child’s dental health. But did you know that sealants are not just exclusive to kiddos? Adults can acquire them too!
Reach out to our local dental practice to learn more about dental sealants near you. Our team is here to assist you with anything you need as well as collaborate with you to achieve all your oral health goals.
Dental Sealants in Nanaimo

What are Sealants?

Made from special dental plastic, sealants essentially function as a thin shield for your tooth. They cover up the grooves on the chewing surfaces of your teeth, thereby preventing bacteria and other debris from gathering in these spaces. As a result, the chances of decay forming are much less, and your overall oral health will remain in good standing.

Your sealants are easy to clean – just brush your teeth are you regularly would!

As mentioned earlier, patients young and old can acquire dental sealants in Nanaimo. However, you’ll need to book a consultation with your dentist prior to having any official dental work done. They’ll examine your mouth, take some x-rays if necessary, and then talk to you about your preferences, hygiene habits, and expectations about treatment. Before your appointment is over, your dentist will let you know if dental sealants are indeed the best option for you; if not, they’ll work with you to identify an alternative route.

What’s the Process Like?

Once you’ve given the go-ahead, your teeth will be prepared to receive the coverings; this involves roughening up the surface of your smile so that the sealants will stick better. A special solution is used to do this. The sealants are then applied to the teeth one by one, before a light is brought in to help them harden into place.

This treatment takes only a couple of minutes. You’ll be able to go about the rest of your day in no time. If you experience any sensitivity, be sure to let your dentist know. After all, you deserve to be comfortable.

The results aren’t permanent and your sealants will eventually need to be replaced. But if you take care to look after your oral health, they will serve you well for a good amount of time.

Are you looking to receive dental sealants near you? Call, email, or drop by our physical location to select a day and time that works best for you. Here at Uplands Dental, we’re excited to help you achieve all your dental goals!